Arrival Time: Friday, January 19th 4:00pm

We’re doing this blog based on a request from my sisters so that they can still stalk us while we’re away =) hehe, jk. But I’m still trying to learn about all of this blog stuff, so, it might end up being really lame with updates every 3 weeks. Are we even cool enough to have a blog? Will people even want to look at it? Well, either way, here we go… Josh and I just moved to Mill Valley, California so that he can attend seminary here. So far, we love it. Our best friends Tim and Brittany drove up from So Cal to meet us on Friday and help us move in. They just left yesterday and it was hard to see them go. Now it is time to find jobs and finish setting up our 500 sq ft apartment! We are really excited to be here and to see what God has for us here and what we might be able to do for Him here


5 thoughts on “Arrival Time: Friday, January 19th 4:00pm

  1. Hey Regita,Is that you in the picture with the red shorts on? You’re looking like a real California girl! :)Nice blog name. You guys are so random.Love you, Schmelacatoy in PNG

  2. You are most definately cool enough to have a blog! Keep up the posting and the pictures! I love seeing your life and the sun, oh how I miss California. 😦

  3. Out of all the lovely men on the beach, why did you pick this one to show the world? Couldn’t you pick someone who had something other than his hairy chest showing? If you didn’t get any pictures, just have josh play some of the roles. We had fun with you guys. Can’t wait to do it again. Next time you’ll have to come to our place.

  4. it will be our PLEASURE to come to your place next time. And hey, the guy in the cool red shorts is a much better choice of who to take a picture of than some of the other men strolling the beach, wouldn’t you agree? =)

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