Goin to the City

Tim, Wierd Kid, Britt

Playing the card game “golf” at Baker Beach. It was such a beautiful day.

Josh and I after dinner at the very romantic Chevy’s Restaurant! The four of us ate 4 baskets of chips and salsa before our entrees came. Can we say…..fat kids? =)
Oh, aren’t they cute?
The Embarkadero Center


3 thoughts on “Goin to the City

  1. What great pics! That first one of Josh is totally a Liz face. Watch out Josh, she’s rubbing off on you! And your apartment is tiny! But mom says you have more storage space than you thought? That’s great. Your kitchen…hilarious. :)What a fun adventure!Love you guys, Ses

  2. Hey, who are those two other cool kids with you in those pics? They must be some sort of friends to drive up and help you move in like that. I wish that I had some friends like that…oh wait! I do! That’s why we were there for you. Hope to see you guys soon.

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