Church and Coffee

Two new exciting pieces of news in our world are: 1) Tonight we visited a church in Pacifica (about 45 minutes south) that we’re pretty sure we’re gonna start attending. The story is long, I’ll try to keep it short but our friend Tim Cahill from CBU is from this church and they’ve been in long need of youth leaders….so, after having some correspondence with the pastor…who, by the way, is English and has a rad accent =) we met with him and his wife on Thursday. They are great people. So, we’ve all been praying as to whether or not this might be the church for us or if we might be the people for them. Anyway, tonight we went to church and loved it. The congregation is great, the youth is great, we loved it. We’re really excited.

2) Josh got a job at Starbucks!!! He really likes it so far!! And this is great because it really will end up saving us money. We get a free pound of coffer PER WEEK, Josh gets free drinks while he’s working, and he gets 30% off any other time. Um, yeah, it’s pretty much great. We’ll be able to go into Starbucks now and buy two drinks for about $4.00. Are you jealous?

Other fun news is that we made friends!!! hehe. Their names are Seyan and Matt and they got married on August 12th 2006 just like us. We hung out with them pretty much all day yesterday and Friday night. They’re really cool people and we’re excited to see where our friendship might go.
That’s all for now!


4 thoughts on “Church and Coffee

  1. Wow! So much exciting stuff! I am so glad you guys loved that church..sounds great for you! And congrats again Josh on getting a job..especially so fast! Sounds like a perfect fit (for you both)So, pretty much Josh will be hyped up on caffeine all day? I am also very happy that you made friends..God is so great! I look forward to seeing pictures of them!! How crazy they got married on the same day as you guys!! Did Bekah ever answer your question regarding pictures with your blog?

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