Great Morning/Crappy Afternoon

Josh and I set our alarm clocks for 7am, rolled out of bed, walked up to Chapel Hill and watched this…the beautiful sunrise. Came back, slept a little more, had a yummy breakfast of chocolate chip banana pancakes, with peanut butter and syrup on top (to some this might sound nasty but it’s amazing) sat at the table, drank coffee. Good times, right?

Well, I had a job interview today…didn’t find out about it til last night. It was for a personal assistant position in downtown San Francisco. So, I get my prom dress on. Have my dumb mapquest directions in hand, and of course, head out the door running a little late (but still have 20 extra minutes to find the exact building and to park) So, I pay the $5 toll to go over the golden gate bride, miss a turn, that, by the way, wasn’t marked AT ALL the way my directions had it and an hour and 20 minutes later, I drive by where my interview was supposed to be. I don’t even have the guy’s phone number who’s interviewing me, I’m on Market street which is crazy busy with buses and people everywhere, so, even though I’m on the right street, I have NO idea which one of the 20,000 buildings on my right and left are “One Hallidie Plaza”. People are laughing and pointing at the dork girl who is in the bike/motorcycle lane with a Montana license plate. Oh, it was so frustrating. So, I came back home. Wasted the day. Didn’t get a job. Cool. So much for trying to be a career girl. =)


4 thoughts on “Great Morning/Crappy Afternoon

  1. oh liz! I’m so sorry! That sucks. I hate being lost and late and unable to tell the person that is expecting you! Guess it wasn’t the right job?! Your morning sounded nice. And I AM one of those people that thinks your breakfast sounds nasty! hehe:)

  2. That’s so frustrating. There will be other opportunities. Were you able to contact the interviewer.Love you lots.

  3. I’m so sorry you missed your interview. I’ll sure be praying for something else to come up. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. The sunrise is beautiful!

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