Might as well join Tour de France

Yesterday, Josh and I took on the huge task of riding our bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge. And let me tell you, it was intense. We suited up in our matching leotard spandex suits, strapped on the camelbaks, and hit the street with stopwatches in hand. Ok, not really. We were actually two of the few loser people who weren’t wearing helmets. But it was so much fun and it didn’t take that long at all. Here are some pics…

Here’s a pic of the bridge at the beginning of our journey

A guy on the bridge who I thought was cute (please don’t tell Josh)

A nappy homeless woman who we gave some bread to

BIG bridge….lots of cool facts about it and how it was made….Dad T, you would like learning about it

Us and the city (kind of) in the background


4 thoughts on “Might as well join Tour de France

  1. What a fun adventure! How long did it take to cross? I am proud of you for blogging so much!! It’s fun to see what you guys are doing.

  2. It took about 45 minutes to cross (back and forth together.) I’m blogging right now so much b/c we’re doing a bunch of fun stuff and Josh hasn’t started class yet and I’m not working yet =) we’ll see if I’m still doing it this much in a month.Ses…yes, sadly, the SF weather is setting in a bit, but it really has been sunny more than cloudy.love y’all,josh and liz

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