Peyton Gracen

I got an email from my sister today that made me cry. And it was so cute that I had to share it here:

“HI Lizzy! Peyton just woke up from her nap and I asked her what she dreamed about..

She said…

“bears and…
dollies and..
Wizzy and..

Thought you would like that!
Love you

By the way, Peyton is only 2. She’s such a smart and adorable munchkin. I really think we might have the 4 cutest nephews and nieces in the world…with 2 more on the way =)
PS. Peyton’s middle name is Grace but I say Gracen cause it sounds more fun =) (“more fun”, is that english?)

Playing on the phone in my old bedroom

Peyton, Wizzy, and Josh the night before we left for San Fran


One thought on “Peyton Gracen

  1. Hi Liz- Sorry it made you cry..I know they were good tears. She loves you guys SO much!! And so do I. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both…

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