Heart Day

We had a GREAT date last night for Vtine’s day….thanks to Josh’s good date-planning skills. We went to this adorable little town in Tiburon (like 10 minutes from school) and walked around, had coffee, and went to a Mexican Restaurant in downtown Mill Valley. It was a perfect night.

Yes….Josh is growing a beard out =)

One of our best friends here in Mill Valley is the Golden Gate Bridge

We love it so much that everytime we take pictures, it has to be in them

The cute little harbor in Tiburon…beautiful night

This is a strip of the quaint, old-fashioned little town of Tiburon. I think this was the true, historical strip where some of the buildings were made in the late 1800s. Pretty cool. Lots of fun little shops and restaurants


4 thoughts on “Heart Day

  1. You guys are so cute! What a nice little town to spend Valentine’s Day in! You’re both looking thin – eat some extra chips and salsa for me! I’m not looking so thin, but I do miss chips and salsa. 🙂 Love you, Ses

  2. That a boy Josh. Way to swoop your wife off her feet. I’m glad that you’re having fun within your means. Talk to you tomorrow.

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