Fun Fact

I’m probably going to sound like a home-schooler for making a post about this but we just learned today that, lovely Rob Schneider is from Pacifica (the city that our church is in) and his mom, Pilar (sp?) goes to our church! Isn’t that fun? I met his aunt last week (not knowing who her nephew was), but didn’t want to introduce myself to his mom simply b/c her son is famous. Cause that’s lame. It’s not that cool of news but I’m a star-struck loser girl. I remember, in 8th grade, when little Good Shepherd School took a trip to DC, we met Laura from Days of our Lives (I bet only 2 people reading this even know who that is). Anyway, I really thought I was gonna start crying when I met her. Can we say…..needs to get out more?


One thought on “Fun Fact

  1. Shoot. I wouldn’t be embarassed to introduce myself just because her son’s famous. You should try to get him over for dinner sometime. That would be awesome!Any luck with a job yet?

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