Friends, Friends, the Musical Fruit

A few of us friends have started a Monday night tradition of having dinner together. Here are some pics from last week, when we got together to celebrate Solomon’s birthday….which was actually a week late b/c he didn’t tell any of us it was his birthday!! (In Ethiopia, they don’t celebrate birthdays like we do in the states) He is a good man though, and we are very blessed by his friendship and all that he’s taught us. Matt and Seyan are our closest friends here, the couple who got married the same day that we did. We have also learned a lot from them. Each time we get together, we try to invite a single guy from the dorms so that we can get to know him and he can enjoy a good, home-cooked meal. Monday nights are great nights.

Me, Seyan (“SEE-ANNE”), Matt, Solomon, and Dennis in Matt and Seyan’s Apartment

Seyan and Matt—Matt LOVES getting his picture taken=)

Matt and Solomon

Birthday Boy


2 thoughts on “Friends, Friends, the Musical Fruit

  1. oh i’m so glad you have friends, i’ve been hoping your horrible smell and awkward sense of humor wouldn’t send too many people running… tell seeyan and matt your cbu friends will send them a check later ;)love you

  2. It is so good that you have friends to hang out with! It took me quite awhile to find friends that I could just hang out and do nothing with.

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