We Forgot We’re Not in So Cal Anymore

Friday was a beautiful day and it felt warm in Mill Valley, so, after we got off work, we decided, “Hey, let’s go the the beach”. We busted out the sandals and I even put a tank top under my t-shirt (just incase) and drove 15 minutes to the beach. Well, yeah, it wasn’t so warm. It was actually….freezing. But we still had fun. Bundled up, watched the huge waves crash, napped. It was nice. Afterwards, we drove a little around San Fran (since we were already over there) and then headed back to our humble abode.

The cheesy couple

The waves were huge and beautiful and scary. This picture doesn’t really capture it.

Who is this bearded man? =)

Beginning our exciting drive down Lombard Street…..the windiest road in the world (or something like that) it’s switchbacks all the way down. No one from San Francisco actually drives down this part of Lombard, they take side-streets. Just the dorky tourists (and Josh and I) were found here taking pictures and thinking they were cool for driving down a world-record street. We thought we were pretty bad ourselves.


8 thoughts on “We Forgot We’re Not in So Cal Anymore

  1. There’s Coit Tower in the background of lombard st. That’s a place Brittany will never forget. I’m sure you guys remember the public bathroom story. If not, you’ll have to ask her to remind you.

  2. You are such a funny little thing. I laugh at everything you write. I can just hear your quirky, little voice, and I miss you all the more.Love you.

  3. yeah, i packed a few tanktops for our honeymoon to ‘frisco in JUNE. and ended up wearing the one sweater and jeans i had the whole dang time! mark twain said the coldest winter he ever spent was summer in san francisco … would’ve been good to know. though i probably wouldn’t have listened and still would have been a silly new bride packing silly lil’ tanktops.

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