"Take That" Rocks My World

Ya know those songs from your past that you liked for a short season in your life but you never bought the cd and it stopped playing on the radio and you completely forget about it until you hear it…..5…..10 years later in a doctor’s office or something? Well, maybe I’m weird but I get this with a lot of songs. There are soo many great songs out there.

Well, the band “Take That” has a great song called “Back for Good” that I love…even though you may make fun of me for this. And I probably haven’t heard it in like 5 years. But I found my lost love. And out of all places, I found it on YouTube. I was so excited to get to hear it again and watch the music video, performed by a band I’ve never seen or heard of in my life. So, I watched it and then I had Josh watch it and it was hilarious. It starts out totally normal. You have to hold on til the climax of the song….oh wow. I have one word to describe it but it’s a little politically incorrect. So, I hope that if you have the time….or if you’re bored….or if you like boy bands…. that you’ll take a few minutes to watch this video. It changed my life and I know that it will change yours.

And because I’m not talented and I can’t figure out how to post the actual YouTube clip on here, copy and paste this link and it will take you there:


PS. Another classic music video I found on YouTube is Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares”. I was a weird little girl….I remember that being one of my favorites in like 4th grade.


5 thoughts on “"Take That" Rocks My World

  1. I’ll say it. GAY!! It’s a GAY video! No girls, just cheesy guys in the rain. Hmmm..Actually Robbie Williams is HUGE in Brittain… and he got his start with the boys. I slow danced to this song in high school, so it’s way old. Good flashback Liz. Thanks!

  2. I think Bekah hit the nail on the head. These guys are singing about their boyfriend that they want back. ugh! Must be an oregon thing. lol

  3. I would give anything to be in that band!! Hey Josh, I am starting a march madness brackett on yahoo, the id # is 5062 and the pass is 12seed, hope to see you there!Bryan

  4. That is so funny! Because one time when Josh and I were in High School/Jr. High, we heard that song while we were driving in the truck and he started singing it and thought the words were; “watch your back, watch your back, watch your back for good”. It was so funny, guess you had to be there!

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