I’m sure you’ve all spent the last week weeping because we haven’t posted a new blog in a while.

This past weekend we had our first event as “youth leaders”. We took the students to a thing called Battlecry and/or Aquire the Fire. It was at AT&T park….where the Giants play…hey. Anyway, it’s an event for youth groups all around. It was pretty good. We had a 3 hour session Friday night and a 13 hour session (with breaks, of course) on Saturday. In between the two sessions (Friday night) we had a church lock-in. That was a lot of fun! We really like our youth group, and we’re so excited to see where God will take all of this. Here’s some pics from the weekend:

The stage. Casting Crowns, POD, Skillet, etc, were there. It was pretty “hip” and we “boogied” to the good tunes.

Josh, Jon (our pastor Jonathan’s son), Russell or as Jonathan calls him, “Russer” b/c his british accent tends to add “er” to the end of things, and Mike. All great guys.

Here’s Jonathan. I love this picture. It was SOOO hot, so, I’m pretty sure he was using the hoodie so he wouldn’t get burnt but he kind of looks like little red riding hood or a monk or something. We love him! We couldn’t have asked for a better pastor.

Here’s the youth group on Saturday night, after eating dinner together

On Sunday, Josh and I slept in until 12:15pm!!!! (that’s including daylight saving’s time) at Tim Cahill’s padres house….Tim and Paula…whom we also love. Hung out with them for a little while and then took a drive down the coast. It was BEAUTIFUL and the sun brought me a lot of joy. Then we went to church and had youth group. It was a great day.


6 thoughts on “Battlecry

  1. Glad to see you guys posting again. The weekend sounded like a lot of fun. I wish that I could have been at there too. Who was your favorite band? How about the kids, which one did they like the best?Look forward to talking to you guys tonight. I have CPR training from 5:30-9:30 though. And I have a basketball game at 10:15, so Josh and I will be cut short. We’ll have to schedule a make-up time or something. K, toodles.

  2. I surprisingly liked skillet cause their drummer’s a girl and a pretty good one, at that, and I thought that was cool. The kid’s fav was mostly skillet and POD.I’ll let Josh know about your schedule! We’re excited to talk too!Josh’s fav was Casting Crowns (he wanted me to let you know that)

  3. Liz, Ok speaking of church. I arrived at church today only to find that Greg Suminski was dressed up like “Spok” on Star Trek. He had pointy ears and the whole uniform on. Then, he was doing “future” hand signals with his fingers making a “V” to evenyone in carpool. It was so great. He will never live this down. -Cherianne

  4. A little walker bird told me you guys are coming down! So Exciting! Sounds like you had a crazy weekend, but now your feet are officially wet as youth leaders huh? We miss you! We’re visiting Dan and Kerry in KY this weekend, we’ll say hi for you, based on your request to Brittany saying “say hi to everyone I would want to say hi to” I’ll transfer it to them. Yay!

  5. Awwwww, so, reading your comment on my blog i got these warm fuzzies and it made me miss you oh so bad (wow, that’s like a Jewel song).So anyways, yeah, I’m so excited for you guys working with the youth. I have no doubt that you will LOVE IT!Oh, and the teaching thing, yeah i’m stoked. I start in August – not sure if it’ll be Middle or High School, so we shall see!! But, pretty darn exciting…But Liz, really, i’m totally jealous of your cafe/coffee job because it just sounds so romantic and idllyic in a big glamorous city like San Fran…Ok, well I hope you two are doing great and it was soooo good to hear from you (blogger style! Holla!)

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