Nothin Like "Old" Friends

It was such a treat to have Tim, Sam, Ryan, Justin and others come up to Pacifica during CBU’s spring break last week. It was so nice seeing old friends (even though they’ve only been our friends for a couple years =)) But when you’re in a new place and constantly making new friends and seeing new faces….it’s so great to see some familiar ones.

Timmy, Sammy, and Justin drove up on Friday the 16th. Josh and I pretty much spent the whole weekend in Pacifica. On Tuesday, Justin left and Ryan came and they came here to Mill Valley to see our apartment and hang out. On Wednesday, we drove to the city and met up with them, along with Julie, Lauren, Amy, and a couple others (all CBU kids).

And then we got to hang out Friday and Saturday with Tim and Sam (all the others had headed back down). Anyway, I know WE had a great time with them…..not so sure if THEY had a great time with the old married couple, though. But it was a blessing. Now we can’t wait for 2 weeks when we make a trip down to So Cal!!!!

Josh and Ryan on our 2 hour walk (total) from Ghiradelli Square to Union Square

Reaching Union Square

Tim at “TYG”…..our weekly Friday night dinner and hang out time with our youth group at our Pastor’s house

Sam enjoying some pizza

Cassie and I (Cassie claims she’s scared of cameras) =)


3 thoughts on “Nothin Like "Old" Friends

  1. What a fun time you guys had! When you are here we’ll have even more fun times!!!! Can you handle all this fun? Yes the brother jeremy thing is a bit strange, it will be strangest if Jess marries one, or Tommy I guess…. We are all very excited that you are coming down! Maybe we can have some coffee late and I’ll pin you down in a chair and….. luv ya 🙂

  2. what day….what time….when will you be here…counting the hours and I will help Les pin you to a chair!!! Sarah

  3. haha, you girls are funny =)we are leaving here wed 11th as soon as we get off work (will probs be there around 10pm) and then we leave sat. the 14th around 4pm.i was gonna email you all soon w/that info. but we CANNOT yaLiz

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