Joshypoo’s Birthday!!!

Saturday was Josh’s birthday. We had a GREAT day! (At least I did…Josh SAYS he did =)) But anyway, I let him sleep in, then I took him out to breakfast at this cute little cafe in Tiburon. I’ll let the pictures tell the story. We had a really fun, relaxing, outdoor day.

The birthday boy thinking about his life.

Our “view” at breakfast

That is one gringo

After breakfast I took him to Muir Woods, where the Redwood trees are. It was so beautiful and breathtaking. It was crazy to learn how old the trees are and how tall they can grow.


2 thoughts on “Joshypoo’s Birthday!!!

  1. looks like you guys had fun! good job on planning that liza! you guys are so cute in your brown jackets! i don’t know why, but while i was looking at the pictures i was struck with the thought that my “little” sissy is MARRIED! i guess it’s still weird. love you guys! can’t wait to see, in person..your new home

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