Lost Love

Ya know when there’s something coming up that you’re really excited about and when you wake up in the morning, you’re instantly happy? Does anyone get that anymore? I used to get it all the time when I was a kid and it could be over the dumbest thing, like knowing that my mom was giving me a snickers bar in my lunch or something. It takes much more for me to get excited like that these days.

But anyway, I’ve been experiencing those early morning butterflies lately because on Wednesday, after I get off work, Josh and I are taking the 7 hour drive down to good ole ghetto riverside where many of our friends whom we love still reside. We CANNOT wait!!! I’m just so excited! I miss my friends, I miss the sun down there, I miss the beach, I miss Huntington, I miss palm trees, I miss girl time, I miss Lucille’s, I even miss the 20 lb. teeny boppers wearing their colorful layered Hollister apparel, I miss bonfires, I miss BJs, I miss dance parties in the car, and I miss having a spring break!!!!! (There are also many things I DON’T miss but that’s for another blog) But my work was kind enough to give me two days off, so, we’ll be down there 3/4 days. And I love roadtrips, so, to say the least, I’m pretty excited.


5 thoughts on “Lost Love

  1. SO excited for you guys..you’re going to have a blast. You were so excited that you posted this blog twice!! I remember how excited you used to get over the smallest stuff! So cute. Love you

  2. I didn’t know a Snickers bar brought you such enjoyment. I should have done it more often–but then your sisters never got them–so don’t tell!!! I’m glad you’re able to see old friends–good times.

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