On Friday morning, Tim, Josh and I visited Back to the Grind, the coffee shop Josh and I used to always hang out at and where we became an “official couple”. I wanted to take a picture of us on the 70s urine-smelling couch where the magic happened but there was a 9 year old boy sitting on it….and that would have been awkward…

Eating a picnic lunch on the front lawn of CBU after Brit got off work

On Friday night, 12 of us class of 2006 girlfriends went out. We had such a good time! Wow, I miss those girls. Almost everyone was able to come….Kim and Ky are examples of girls we missed. =(

We ate at BJs….a classic choice for us. And we only had a 2 hour wait!! But it’s ok because Costco offered much entertainment. (Sarah, Me, Melissa)

Janelle, Leslie, Shannon, and Brooke waiting outside for our buzzer to vibrate


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  1. I am so glad you finally blogged about the amazing time we had – I am up for a yearly/biyearly date of that fun.

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