From NorCal to SoCal

On Wednesday at 2pm, Josh and I booked it out of Mill Valley and headed for that familiar drive down the 5 to our old home. Smoggy, ugly, lovely, fun Riverside. We got there around 9pm and hung out with some friends, a great start to a relaxing, needed, memorable, and fun weekend.

We stayed with Tim and Brit at their cute apartment on CBU’s campus. On our first morning there, the boys appropriately started their time together with their good friend, X-Box.

Carly and I at lunch in the caf. Very romantic.

At Tim and Sarah’s intramural soccer game. Just missing Ky.

Tim and Brit excited for their scrumptious dinner at Lucille’s….one of the best restaurants in de world.

After dinner, the boys forced us to play Fusion Frenzy on X-Box….ok, it was fun….but I came in last every time. After that we took a late night walk to #2 donuts, just like we used to do, which is why Liz gained some weight back in those days.


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