I See Rich People

Living in Mill Valley has been an interesting, comical, frustrating, fun place to live so far. Here are a few crazy things we’ve observed over the past couple months….

A gallon of milk costs $3.49

According to the housewives here, “Safeway is sooo cheap!” And on average, its prices are atleast twice as much as WinCo’s (oh, how I miss it)

None of the little boys here play soccer….they play lacrosse

I walked by a cool food/candy store the other week and thought, “yum, what place is this?” Oh wait, it’s a pet food store

A woman came into my work today with a poodle who was wearing doggy shoes so that “his feet are protected”

If you want to sell anything in this town, just say that it is “organic” or “gourmet”

Teenagers come into both of our stores and order cappuccinos

I keep thinking I’m too young to have a baby because most of the mothers of infants are women who are twice my age. A lot of them adopt, the rest are on fertility drugs….you’ve never seen so many twins in your life

Perrier is one of our best selling drinks. It’s 10 oz. of sparkling water and it cost $2.25. That’s $2.25 for water with bubbles in it.


5 thoughts on “I See Rich People

  1. wow, sounds exactly like ukarumpa! or wait, did you say you often see mullets in mill valley? what? no one wears shoes (even the dogs? gasp!)hilarious. i love our different worlds. love you!ses

  2. That’s cute what you and Sarah said. All I’ve got to say is I’m glad I live where I do–with the exception of the politics.Love you

  3. what a great blog! I love observations of humanity and the variety of cultures within it, to think that it all started at the Tower of Babel… we have become even more diverse than just our languages. Love it Liz….

  4. And you see people who remind you of me in 10 years! Hahahaha! That was a fun text from you today, Lizbiz šŸ™‚

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