Aren’t Humans Weird?

Instead of painting or reading (two productive things I could be doing right now) I’ve been looking on Facebook and people’s blogs for the past hour. It’s so weird that we post things about our every-day lives, pictures from uninteresting events and yet they’re so much fun to look at and read! Why do other humans interest us so? Why is the only type of show on TV right now reality shows where we just watch other people and the way they respond to certain circumstances? It’s weird how I’m like, “Ok, I’m getting off” But then 20 minutes pass and I’m on Sheila Calaphosky’s facebook page who is a cousin of a friend of a brother-in-law’s ex-best friend’s girlfriend. It’s so funny. Does anyone else find themselves in situations like this? Why is it so entertaining to view other people’s lives?


2 thoughts on “Aren’t Humans Weird?

  1. You’re such a thinker. That’s good. It is fascinating and addictive stuff. Nice to see a new blog. And where are the pictures?!Love you.

  2. I am definitely weird because I love looking at peoples’ blogs. It’s weird how sucked into to others lives you can get!

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