All these groceries for $134? Definitely worth the drive….probably would have been around $300 in Mill Valley

Our humble little BBQ outside our front door

Josh trying to look like a bad BBQing fool

Me in our walk-in closet kitchen (and no, I’m not pregnant)

Our beautiful view of the water from our front door.


5 thoughts on “

  1. I laughed at your “I’m not pregant caption” dang those stylish “looks-like-your-pregnant-but-your-not-shirts!”Also, that you drove an hour for WinCo….good to know Lizzy hasn’t changed. I’m coming to Oregon this weekend (Joey’s getting married…weird) and I can’t wait!

  2. and I’m gonna BE THERE in 18 days!! Can’t wait to overpay for groceries, gas, crossing a bridge!!

  3. You make me laugh every time you open your mouth.And I love your living room paint color.And finally, I can’t wait until you’re in Oregon in 22 days where the gas isn’t MUCH less expensive…but groceries are!

  4. Liza,I am not going to lie about 14 “Prego” jokes popped into my head – then I read your caption. Miss you down here girls and just for the record gas prices suck

  5. Hey Liz, a little tip from a fellow nor cal resident says that if you drive a whole hour to Vacaville you have to stop by the outlets. She says her family used to make the trip all the time just for those outlets… Check ’em out! p.s. Was your cold food still cold when you got back home?

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