Paint, Groceries, and Burgers

I’m sure that all of you have been checking our blog bi-daily to see what Josh and I are up to. Yes, we know that we’re just that exciting.

Last Thursday, we traveled to Josh’s old place of employment…Home Depot…oh, how he’s missed it so….and purchased some paint for our living room.

On Saturday we took the one hour drive up north to Vacaville to….I’ll give you one guess, yes, that’s right. To go grocery shopping. I’m probably the biggest deal-finding loser girl you’ll ever meet =) But I missed my WinCo so much that I was definitely willing to drive an hour to find some mad deals. And cute, good husband Josh willingly and happily joined me. We had fun.

Saturday night we had dinner with some new friends (they’re so much fun!) and then went to an Improv show in the city with them. It was a great night!

Tonight, Monday, we decided to have a BBQ. Because: 1) It was 93 degrees today (this is not common) 2) We just bought some fresh hamburger at good ol WinCo 3) Josh loves BBQing and I hate cooking meat (it scares me) so, it was a great time. I hope you all have had as exciting of a last few days as we!

Lovely, huh?

Roadtrippin it to the Win

Oh what a glorious sight (and an appropriate placement of the American flag, don’t you think?!) =)


3 thoughts on “Paint, Groceries, and Burgers

  1. I DO check your blog a lot..since we suck at keeping in touch I feel it’s my only hope! 1. I love the paint color..looks great 2. I love that you drove an hour to go to WinCo but I don’t blame you because with the expense groceries must be around there I’d probably do the same 3. Now I want a burger 4. I miss you guys!

  2. ok you are so funny it makes me miss you. i just love hanging out with you and it’s been about a year. sad.i’m glad you went to winco i had never heard of it until i read your blog. and if anyone reads your blog they’ll read about winco; cause i think you mention it in just about all your posts. hope to see you soon

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