Life is Good

Here are some pictures from Friday—it was glorious. I didn’t work (this is not normal) and Josh worked 5am-9am (sick) but when he came home he brought both of us starbucks and I had made breakfast burritos and coffee cake (for later) and we watched the Office season finale (b/c we weren’t able to watch it Thursday night) It was so chill and so great!!! We love our life.

Josh doing his infamous “Josh face”

How can anyone not love this?

On Saturday, we both had to work (blah) but then we drove to the SFO airport and picked up my little cuz’ Daniel who was en route to China! We got to spend the evening with him and we were so mad b/c we brought our camera and then left it in the trunk of our car in our FREE parking spot (so, we were bummed.) We took him to Pier 39 and told him about street performers like the bushman. Well, the bushman must have been hiding and listening to me b/c about 2 hours later when we were walking into In N Out, he successfully scared me and I screamed!!! If any of you have seen the bushman, you know what I’m talking about.

On Sunday, we got to sleep in and hang out with Timmy Cahill.

This Friday, my sis Bekah and her friend Tabitha are coming for the weekend to visit!!!!! Next Thursday I’m going home for Sarah S’s wedding (can’t wait!!) The day I fly back down, Josh’s parents will be here to greet me and we’ll be able to spend a few days with them! We’re dropping them off at the airport on Wednesday and then immediately heading down to So Cal for Tom and Shannon’s wedding!!!!!!! We get to see our friends again!!!

Even though we’re old now and don’t get a summer break like some of our spoiled college friends, we still get to do a lot of fun stuff!!! We’re excited for everything coming up!


5 thoughts on “Life is Good

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun activities are coming up for you guys. Hope you don’t get burnt out before you even get down here.

  2. no, not at all…he’s this guy in sf who carries a bush around with him, hides behind it on the streets and jumps out and scares people!!! (mostly women) it’s really funny to watch.

  3. You can find the bushman on youtube. I hope he gets Bekah, I know from personal experience how fun it is to scare her:)

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