This one time….at band camp….

Last night I was invited to one of my youth girls’ end of the year band concert!! Being in choir for 4 years, I missed this scene, so, I was happy to drive an hour south to attend it. And her parents are really cool, so, I got to hang out with them. Anyway, comedian Rob Schneider grew up in Pacifica (where our church is) and his mom actually goes to our church. Well, he started a Rob Schneider music fund thing for Pacifica schools about 10 years ago, so he was actually at the concert.

I’m a total dork over famous people, so, it was fun to see him. At the end, I was standing inches from him while we were talking to his mom but I didn’t want to be an annoying 13 year old girl and shake his hand and act like he’s my favorite actor and try to make him laugh and take a picture with him =) I didn’t even want to take a picture OF him when we were close….but I did b/c I knew I would regret it. So, here they are, pictures from my night of hanging out with my long-time buddy and lifelong friend, Rob Schneider.


2 thoughts on “This one time….at band camp….

  1. Wow Liz. All those years in college and you never told us you were BFF with Rob Schneider. Sad. Sad. Sad.

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