Sarah S’s Wedding

I got to go home a couple weeks ago to attend Sarah S. and Luke’s wedding (now Sarah H.) I have known Sarah since we were probably 2 years old. We have lots of history and lots of memories together. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL, as I’m sure you’ll be able to see in the pictures below.

The breath-taking view of Mt. Hood’s tip

The lovely bride….from high-waters in 5th grade to a Texan beauty =)

Alicia and Cherianne who I’ve known since 2nd grade and since I was 2. It’s such a blessing to still be close friends with people I’ve known my whole life. (ps. they’re softly crying…they’re not mad)

The gorgeous reception inside Timberline Lodge

Mr. and Mrs. Harris


2 thoughts on “Sarah S’s Wedding

  1. Wow, you broke all records for the amount of pictures posted in one sitting. Keep ’em comin’I love you and miss you. You better come back soon…and bring that Josh guy with you.

  2. I agree with mom..great job on all the posts. Sarah was a beautiful bride! I love her hair and dress..beautiful wedding!

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