Here’s a few more pictures from our weekend. The first picture is of Josh when he decided that he wanted to go opposite of everyone else during their performance of the amazing, fast-paced, traditional wedding dance, the electric slide. I think the electric slide was invented for the people at weddings who really can’t dance but have a chance to look like they can because they know how to memorize steps and do them over and over and over again. Why do I say this? Because I’m always out on the dancefloor when it’s electric slide time. (I’ll blame it on cheerleading)

Some of you may not know that Josh loves dancing like a FREAK. He really does and it is hilarious. He just goes crazy on the dancefloor, doing whatever the heck he wants. All of us friends spent a good portion of the night just standing and laughing at him, and so were many other wedding guests who were sitting and watching. It was great fun. The muscels in my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. I love that.

On Saturday we met up with the Miller’s at the beach. The boys played frisbee, went in the water, had fun being active. Us girls sat on our booties and did nothing but talk and soak up the sun. Classic.

The Walkers (our free hotel whenever we visit)

I could spend my entire life living on this beach and being completely content


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  1. I LOVE Josh’s tatoo..what does it mean?? haha…you guys are SO cute. I miss you..especially that Josh kid, it’s been too long.

  2. ya isn’t josh’s tattoo like Greek for “truth” or something spiritual like that? jk. Josh is an amazing dancer and i love it…I miss you guys and hopefully we can see you soon..hope you are both doing really well.

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