Happy 4th!!

I love the 4th of July. I got made fun of today at work for that. Why is it so cool for Americans these days to hate America? I notice this even with my friends who have been on a lot of mission trips, “America sucks….” I’m definitely not a flag-hugging hillbilly who sings along to Toby Keith’s horribly stupid song, “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” but our nation has way too many great freedoms and rights that we take for granted. And I don’t like how people are so ungrateful. No government will ever be perfect and neither will any country. So, if you think America is stupid, either move to another country or don’t talk to me about it =)

Anyway, a year ago today, Josh and I weren’t married yet, we were living in Oregon, I went to a rodeo with my family while Josh worked at the exciting Home De-pot, then once Josh got off, he and I and Durbin went to the Reigelmann’s 4th of July BBQ! Then we went to fireworks on the mountain. It was a fun day! This year we’re married, living in Nor Cal, we both had to work today and soon we’ll be heading to Pacifica for a BBQ and hang out time with our youthgroup! Who knows where we’ll be next year! Anyway, we hope you all have a good and safe 4th.


4 thoughts on “Happy 4th!!

  1. Josh and Liz…stumbled on your blog via Josh’s Facebook profile…Good thoughts. Knowing the attitude of folks in Marin County (quite the bastion of liberal politics even with their wealth), I’m not surprised you received the reception that you did. So I’m glad to hear you guys were able to hang out in Pacifica for the 4th, with all the fireworks in town (legal AND illegal). Who needs a fancy-shmancy fireworks display when you can enjoy it in your own driveway…and still see the “illegal” smiley face firework over the Pacifica neighborhoods?

  2. Good words Liz. I am definitely not a fan of cheesy country songs like that either but I am so thankful to live in this country. I too am tired of people constantly complaining about everything that Bush does and putting him on the chopping block for every move he makes. I think everyone should shut up about the war and stop disrespecting all the troops that are over there (& in the US) risking their lives for the very people complaining about the job they have been given. The very reason we HAVE our freedom that we all take for granted. Yesterday was a celebration of our wonderful country and even though I did get a little annoyed at people letting off fireworks that sound like bombs in my neighborhood until 1 am, I too love our country. Thanks for giving me a chance to share my opinion at 8:15am..great way to start my day:)Love you!

  3. Holla back, girl! Going overseas just made me more thankful for our country and our freedoms when I returned. I think the easy thing to do is be disgusted by American greed when coming home from a missions trip. But, it’s WAY more profitable to look at all the great rights and privileges we have and to thank God for the fact that He placed us here and just realize that as long as human beings live in a place, there are going to be flaws and sin. It’s funny, because as much as people like to get on their soap box against American when they return home from a third world or developing country, if they were really honest, they’d have to admit that there’s no way they’d actually want to have been born in that country… So, indirectly, they are thankful too! Anyways, thanks for your words… i’ll stop rambling now!

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