In About a Month…

Josh and I will be driving 8 1/2 hours to the beautiful breathtaking land of Sunriver. This, along with Huntington Beach, is probably my favorite place in the world. I grew up going here in the summers. Riding bikes on all the trails, getting icecream at Woody’s, laying in the sun and inviting skin cancer to visit, going to the sunriver pool, or the private neighborhood pools, playing games with the fam after a yummy bbqd dinner, canoeing down the gorgeous deschutes river, and going with 3 of my girlfriends in high school and us seeing how many guys hit on us while we were there (“hit on us” consisted of any male saying hi to us) yeah, we were homeschoolers.

Anyway, Josh and I are staying for 3 nights to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We can’t wait. He’s never been and I’m so excited to show him a place that I love. We got a GREAT deal on our condo, it has a private pool and is right by a bike trail. We cannot wait. After that, it’s a week with the fam in Oregon. What blessings.

The bridge I’ve ridden over many times and watched crazy kids jump off of

Here’s Josh and I canoeing (that’s me in the front, he’s laying down in the back because he’s scared of the fish)


3 thoughts on “In About a Month…

  1. I am SO thrilled to see you both in a month..can’t wait. Have a blast in Sunriver..I know you will! Love you guys

  2. Wow. That’s gorgeous! I can’t imagine growing up there. Of course, this from the girl who grew up in smog-infested, freeway-congested, ghetto concreteness of Sothern California – holla, Riverside!

  3. Oh Liz, How I do love your Great American novel post comments. They bring a warm fuzzy to my soul as only another English major can 🙂 We are dorms. And yes, good times checking at 4am to see if your light was still writing that sick million page paper! My bro is working at Tanalian Bible Camp – it’s out in the sticks in some remote part of Port Alsworth Alaska. He loves it! He went for a wilderness outing the other day and caught a three foot long trout! That’s off the chain!That’s cool your church goes to a camp up there — is it for the high school youth almost as a sort of missions/discipleship trip?

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