Ya know how some people come up with their own little Christian valedictions?
“In Christ’s Palm,
John Smith”

Well, Josh and I are mean people and we were laughing at how people do this. PS If you are a person who signs your letters in this way, please do not be offended. We don’t mean to offend anyone. We just think they’re kind of funny and we came up with some really spiritual ways to sign your letters. So, next time you’re writing a letter to your pastor, try these out:

“Clenching the Cross”
“Fetching the Donkey”
“Resisting the Apple”
“Boasting in Him”
“Going to Nineveh…the First Time,”
“Climbing Mt. Sinai”
“Eating my Daily Manna”
“Rooted in Him”
“Scraping my Boils”
“Building my Ark, One Day at a Time”
“Sporting His Armor”
“Sprinting to the Tomb”
“Washing Your Feet”
“Reaching for His Cloak”

Josh and I are both guilty of creating our own valedictions in the past. Hope you enjoyed our list!! And please feel free to add to it.


9 thoughts on “Christianese

  1. This post isn’t very Christ naughty kids. I would never make fun of innocent people like that. Building my house on the rock,Faith

  2. One time a girl signed a letter to me “Surrounded by His blood.” Now every time I see her I picture a ring of blood floating around her.I am weird I know.

  3. Ok, i couldn’t help it. I had to share this blog with my coworkers. So, we’ve been brainstorming all day…”Taking up my cross…””Hiding the spies…”This one’s a little touchy but, “Sweating drops of blood…”Ok, that’s all for now…thanks for the office laughs!

  4. Brilliant stuff.”Burning the bush””Feeding the lions””Walking on water””Reading the Word””Baptized in His Spirit””Clearing the Temple””Blessing the poor””Taking the plank out of my eye”

  5. Sorry…couldn’t resist with a couple more…”Turning my cheek””Loving my enemies””Storing up treasures””Entering the narrow gate””Drinking from the fruit of the vine”

  6. Liz – Melanie Trower Cripe, here. I was pointed to this posting by way of your sis since I often love to analyze – OK, mock – Christian culture. Great stuff. How ’bout: “Have a Jahovah Jira day” or “Keep the water-walkin’ faith” or “With deer panting thirst”… Tell your missionary sister that she isn’t supposed to promote such heathendom!(Oh, it’s a word alright!)Mel

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