Tucker Girls

I was so lucky yesterday to be able to go to Meagan Tucker’s bridal shower. She happens to be living at home for a little while, which is only an hour and 20 minutes away from me! It was fun to be able to see a So Cal friend in Nor Cal! I had such a great time. And it was so good seeing Meagan. I just love her and I’m so excited for her upcoming marriage to Kendall because he’s a really cool guy. 5 stars.

Meagan dressed as a toilet paper bride…we didn’t even win!

The shower was beautiful

The cute happy couple!

Getting wedding gifts is great

Meagan Tucker (soon to be Lloyd) and Liz Howeth (used to be Tucker)


4 thoughts on “Tucker Girls

  1. FUN! I’m glad you could go to that! So excited to see you guys in less than a week. Did you do something to your hair? It looks darker and silky and shiny as always! Love you sis

  2. ooh la la, thank you. no, i just parted it more drastically….i’m getting really sick of my hair, so, tryingto be creative!Lizzy

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