One Year So Far

Our one year anniversary “trip” has been amazing so far!!! We started with 3 days in Sunriver and now we’re home with the fam and loving every moment of it. For example, I woke up at 9:50 am this morning and realized I would have already been at work for 4 hours if we were home. Praise the Lord for vacation time, relaxation, fun, family and friends. We really are blessed that this whole trip has worked out. More pictures to come. Here’s some of us at Sunriver:

Roadtrippin it up

The handsome husband at dinner

Pigging out on a scrumptious wrap

We only drove our car once while we were in Sunriver…it’s so much fun riding bikes everywhere. The trails are great.

Canoeing the Deschutes

Stopping for lunch on the bank

Such a row pro

I love this place

Josh practicing his mad serves

Eating our anniversary dinner at the lodge

Outside the lodge


Sunriver without a visit to Goody’s is like going to Starbucks and not getting coffee….ok, not really but I was trying to explain in a creative way that Goody’s is a great place to get goodies

We ate a lot. But I think we rode most of the calories off =) And if not, oh well!

The Three Sisters

On our way to Gresham, we stopped at Timberline Lodge (outdoor location of the hotel in “the Shining). Josh was very scared.


7 thoughts on “One Year So Far

  1. Congratulations Josh & Liz! Liz you don’t know me. I actually just found your blog because of your comments on Steph’s blog. I’m Josh’s cousin, Aubrey. My husband and daughter and I live in Burbank, CA. Anyway, your trip to Sunriver looks amazing! We have an anniversary coming up in a week and I want to go there now! 🙂 Have a safe trip home!Aubrey Harms

  2. We are SO glad to have you home! So you obviously figured out how to post more than 4 share! Love you 2!

  3. Wow. Awesome pictures. If that doesn’t make Josh want to make Oregon home, I don’t know what will!!!Love you both.

  4. Could you two get any cuter? Love the pics. Love the scenery. Miss you. Miss home. Oregon is so beautiful. And you’re wearing my honeymoon bikini! I don’t want to think about how sick I would look in that right now with my post-partum belly and the abyss that was once my belly button. Oh well, my two chonners are worth it. But enjoy your hottie stomach while you have it. 🙂 Love you guys! Wish we were there with you all. Oregon in August…Oh, and Happy Anniversary!!!Ses

  5. hi aubrey!thanks for finding our blog…don’t know if you’ll ever come back and read this but let me know if you’re being serious about going to sunriver some day =)and sarah, you just had a kid like 2 days ago…i would HOPE your stomach isn’t back to tight. glad you liked the pics!

  6. I seriously don’t know how you two stay so skinny — always getting your grub on in every picture you post… ok, maybe not every picture… maybe I’m a big exaggerator… whatev. But, happy Be-lated one year anniversary!!!!!

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