Back to the Grind

Well, we’re back to waking up early, work, school, and responsibilities. YAY!!! Actually, it’s not as bad as I thought. So far, we’ve been busy but having lots of fun. New students are here and we’ve been able to meet some really cool people. AND my great friend, Jenny Cummings is going here now! Anyway, here’s some more pics of the rest of our visit. Thank you to our family and friends who hung out with us. We had sooo much fun.

The beautiful bride (Cherianne) and I

Paul, Dan, and Geoff. Great wedding

The bride and groom

Josh and I after the wedding….also our “1 Year Anniversary” picture, because the day of Ben and Cherianne’s wedding (August 12th) was our 1 Year!

Cutting the top of our wedding cake (which was HUGE) and that we shared with our fam….so romantic

We got to go visit Steph and the kids up in Washington. We had tons of fun with them

Uncle Josh and Aunt Wiz with Christian and Ashlee

Sitting at the skating rink during Ashlee’s gymnastics class

…so cool

Ashlee, not even 3 yet, in her gymnastics leotard…don’t forget the trusty pull-up diapers (adorable)

Our double date to Oneota Falls with Dru and Janessa. Always a great hike and where Josh and I had our first kiss (Ohhhh)

Janess and I

Three sisters, missing one

Making s’mores at Bryan and Faith’s

Bryan taming the wild fire

Mom and Josh deep in thought

The Portland rose gardens

Baby Luke who I love already….due in a little over a week

Bekah reading to Peyton

Josh packing the car up….yeah, we were too lazy to take the bike rack off the trunk =)


5 thoughts on “Back to the Grind

  1. Miss you guys so much already. Wish you lived nearby all the time! So, you still haven’t told me how you figured out posting a million pictures! I’m waiting…

  2. love these pics. the one of the sisters (minus one) made me tear up. wish i could have been there. the pic of you guys cutting the cake is hilarious. josh looks a little scared of you. 🙂 and is there something on my computer or does geoff have an ear ring? what?! :)love you guys!ses

  3. ses and faith-haha, no, geoff doesn’t have an earing!! that will be the day!faith….sorry, all you do is download the first 5 and then when it takes you to the page where you can start typing your message (and the a:///gsogfdglo crap is there that is your picture info) just click on the little portrait again and download 5 more pictures and it will naturally attach them to the 5 you already have. and you can do it again and again and again. very easy. if you don’t get what i’m saying email me!Lizzy

  4. Congratulations on becoming an aunt… again! I hope you can go see them soon,even though you just did, it is so exciting! Yay for babies!

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