Bye Bye Bou

Well, as of yesterday, I have a new job!! That’s right, no more be at work at 6am every morning, customer service, smell like bread when I come home, say, “what can I get for you?” “ok, single or double latte?” “would you like chips, greens, or soup with that?” 75,000 times a day!!! I start training tomorrow but will officially start my new job in about 2 weeks. I will be an administrative assistant/receptionist for a growing coffee company. Still not my dream job but I’m really excited!! And it’s still really close by (10 minutes, tops) so, that’s fun. I’ll have my own desk, own computer….very romantic.

So, goodbye la boulange (la boo-lahnge). It’s been real.


4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bou

  1. YAY!! glad it’ll still be close to home… you had to have worked at the BEST cafe ever (seriously NEVER had better french toast!), but I guess even that would get old.

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