1) after living in california off and on for nearly 5 years…..i FINALLY got my CA license today. oh, yeah, and i got 11 questions wrong the first time i took the written test and i got 5 wrong the second time!!! you couldn’t miss any more than 6! i almost failed in getting my license and i’ve been driving for 8 years. oh wow!

2) if i had to live on one food item….not meal….food item, for the rest of my life. i would live on peanut butter

3) writing and art and the cello and staying up late and coffee and the sun are some of my favorite things in the world.

4) i love music and i couldn’t imagine this world without it. i love it when you really like a new song but you don’t quite know all the words to it and each time you listen to it, you discover a new part that you love more than the last. (recent one for me: regina spektor’s “samson”)

5) i’ve always hated having painted fingernails….it makes my fingers look like ET’s but a few weeks ago i went to target (which is bliss b/c here, in the land of the rich, pottery barn is like walmart) but anyway, i bought a sally hansen french tip kit and i love it! having painted nails is fun! i feel lady-like

6) i have a terrible fear of hair. josh pulled a nasty dark clump of MY hair from our shower drain and i almost threw up at the sight of it. hair is so gross. and i’m such a guilty culprit!!

7) on that note, i haven’t had short hair since i was in 3rd grade. only once in the last 7 years has it been up to my shoulders. just like 90% of women, i’m sure i’ll chop it once i have fat kids.

8) i hate talking on the phone.

well, i am just such an interesting person that my list goes on to 3,987 random things about me. so, if you would like a forward of that list, let me know and i’ll email it to you!! thanks for tagging me, becka!!! you little scalleywagon! i now tag brookie (b/c you never blog) and leslie (b/c you’re pregnant)


4 thoughts on “Tagless

  1. oh thank you loverly… I’ll be sure to think about these 8 things long and hard because I love reading the things people write about themselves that I never knew. Like, I lived with most of these, the “tagged” few, for several months of our lives and I would even consider myself good friends them, but I am learning such great new information! I’ll be sure to call you out when you cut your hair because of your fat kids…

  2. Lizzie!! I love that you hate to talk on the phone because so do I! I hardly ever find people that hate it too. Way to be! Becca Stump

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