It Was My Berfday

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great/stupendous/fantastic/amazing/happy birthday!

It started with a beautiful bouquet of roses and lilies, Josh making us a yummy breakfast and then a visit to Northpoint for coffee and a beautiful view!

I think it was like 80 degrees. MY kind of birthday day!

I wonder who was given the task of wording this sign
After Northpoint, we headed to the beach. We live RIGHT by the beach. I take this for granted all the time. It was a glorious day….perfect weather.

After the beach we went to an art gallery in the city and then it was off to an outdoor mall, where Josh took me on a shopping spree. This was my birthday gift from him and I know it sounds vain but it was the perfect gift. Most of my clothes are from 3 years ago. I just got rid of a sweater I’ve had since 7th GRADE….I’m not joking.

After shopping, we went to dinner at the Elephant Bar, then it was home to watch a chick flick of my choice, and eat icecream and drink coffee. Perfect end to a perfect day.

A very happy 24 year old girl. Thank you for everything, babe. You really are the best.


6 thoughts on “It Was My Berfday

  1. what a great day! In that one picture of Josh, at dinner I think, is he lactating? Happy Birfday to you!ps so sad you missed the baby shower by a weekend 😦

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m glad you had a wonderful time. Josh is so good at being sweet, always has been. WE miss you and you should be receiving something in the mail from us! Love ya

  3. Hey Shorty, it was your berfday, this weekend we gonna party like it’s berfday? Might we sip some baccardi cuz it’s your berfday? You know I care a bunch cuz it’s your berfday!Ok, really though.. what are your guys plans for the weekend? Cuz, of course I would love to see you!!!

  4. It looks like you had a very happy birthday. We really wish we could have been with you, but that might have spoiled the fun! It sounds like such a thoughtful birthday.

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