5 Down, 0 to Go

In the past 14 months, Josh and 5 of his close friends have all decided to get married. In July of last year, it was Darren, then Tim, then Josh in August. In June of this year, it was Tom and then Ryan and now, in October, we just got back from celebrating Andy’s.

All 5 of these weddings Josh has been a groomsmen in. And each of those guys were groomsmen in our wedding! They each could have BOUGHT their own tux last summer and saved some money!!! But it’s been so much fun having an excuse to drive south and see all of our friends. As of now, there are no more plans to be in any weddings….and we’re sad about this. So, if you guys know of anyone, give us a call.

Yeah! Sarah and Brit at Lucille’s the night Josh and I got into town

Becka and I…..we’re very mature. So was the conversation we had over dinner =)

Tim and Brit on Tim’s filthy new ride (they were going like 80mph when I took this picture)

Janelle, Brittany, and I at Starbucks before the wedding. By way of drink coupons and Josh getting his Starbucks discount, we got SIX drinks for $8.25. I think that should go in the Starbucks record book.

Tim, Mama, and Darren

Brookie, Sarah, Me, and Brit waiting in anticipation

All the pretty groomsmen

The happy couple!!! Erica and Andy Hintz

Brittany, Sarah, Me, Shannon, Brookie and Janelle at the reception

Don’t ask what I’m doing with my hand

We all had a lot of fun dancing together and being dorks. Everyone was once again entertained watching Josh be a crazy kid on the dance floor.

On our way out Monday morning, we were able to stop and have breakfast with our focus student, RA resident, and friend, Ryan at the good ol CBU caf!


6 thoughts on “5 Down, 0 to Go

  1. great pics! i am so glad you guys have gotten to see your “old” friends..i know you must miss them so much..they are a great group! we miss you and can’t wait to see you both again in a month!

  2. I’m glad you two had a great time visiting old friends and celebrating another wedding! I think my neighbor down the street had a daughter who is getting married, maybe you all could be in their wedding? I’ll ask …hehe

  3. I don’t know what you’re talking about… that was the most mature conversation about the most mature topic… We behaved like the angelic, responsible adults we most certainly are 😉

  4. so sad we missed eachother by a weekend!… great recap of the trip tho. I miss all of your bright shiny faces. Are you going to Ky’s wedding?!?

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