Portrait of a Lady

My first friend at CBU and roommate for 3 years, Kyleeta Ann Cook is engaged!!! I have not yet met the lucky lad, Ricky but hope to soon. I have watched Kyleeta grow from a teenybopper 18 year old to the beautiful, mature woman she is now. So, when she sent me these pictures, I couldn’t help but post them. Over the years we have been through a lot of life changes, sad and happy ones, hard and exciting ones.

My favorite memories of Ky (and there are many) are listening to COAST 103’s nasty Christmas music for a month and a half, her hugs, her sleeping habits, her AMAZING studying skills, and times when she would get hyper and be a total spaz with me =) Miss you, girl. Congrats to you and Ricky.

The cute couple at Washington Park…..look at how green that grass is!!! Only in Oregon!

Ky and Ricky standing in front of their new home

Best wishes as you endeavour on life’s journeys together


5 thoughts on “Portrait of a Lady

  1. robin,they wish! that’s the pittock mansion in portland….you, a native californian, aren’t responsible for recognizing it like most p-towners should.

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