Fall is a great time for change. Which is why I changed our blog template so that you would all subconsciously agree with me. It’s been a good fall, though. We have made some great new friends, our churches have successfully merged, youth group is going great, new students are coming, our church schedule is WAY better now, and as of this Wednesday, I will have a new job! I will be working here at the seminary as one of the vice president’s administrative assistant. And I’m really excited about it. So, although I’m not usually one for change….these have all been wonderful.


2 thoughts on “Falling

  1. Yay for administrating the assistants!… or something like that. Yous get to wear adult job clothes now! Congrats, really… Yay for fall as well! It looks like these past two weeks of 60 degree weather are here to stay (and get colder) so we’re in the middle of doing the clothing switch, not enough closet space to keep both out like, say in, southern california.

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