Only In Southern California…

Can you plan an OUTDOOR wedding in NOVEMBER!!

On Friday evening, I drove to So. Cal with Timmy and flew back Sunday morning. It was a short trip but very enjoyable, seeing that I got to watch my good friend, Meagan Tucker get married!!!! I’ve been to a lot of beautiful weddings, but I really think this was one of THEE MOST BEAUTIFUL that I have ever been to. A family friend of Kendall’s (the groom) owned this amazing mansion (I think it’s pretty safe to call it a mansion) that felt like a replica of Snow White’s Castle. The colors were beautiful, the weather was crisp, the decor was perfect. It was a great wedding. And Kendall and Meagan are great people, so, how does it get any better?

Do you see Snow White waving from the window? Ok, she’s not really there but I would like to think she is.

I wonder how many pictures this girl and I have together

Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd

A-Balacka-Tim and A-Rayed-Tim (Don’t ask)

Sarah, Brookie, and Kimmy

Janelle, Ashley, and Robin

Meagan was breathtaking

Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Lloyd

Dancing the night away

I wish I would have taken this during daylight but this was the entrance into the ceremony. Yeah. Snow White.

For now, Josh and I are ECSTATIC to be driving to Oregon tomorrow evening for Thanksgiving!!!


4 thoughts on “Only In Southern California…

  1. And so am I! I think about it all day long. Good times the next few days. The weddings looks wonderful.Love you and can’t wait to see you.

  2. Oh my word! Are these pictures real? What a gorgeous wedding! Have fun with the fam. Get some good rest. Play Shanghai Rummy and sit in front of the fire and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and just soak up that Gresham rain for me.Love you guys! Ses

  3. What a gorgeous wedding! I can’t wait to show Peyton the castle! And sorry to disappoint you Ses but I think it’s supposed to be sunny while they are here! They can soak in the cold crisp wind for you!

  4. Oh man, their wedding really does look like a Fairy Tale come true. Disney himself couldn’t have made it look any more enchanting!

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