Giving the Thanks

We had a blessed Thanksgiving break. We arrived in Oregon at my parent’s house at 4 in the morning. But it was all worth it! The next 4 days were filled with quality family time, warmth, relaxation, games, good food, and an adorable niece and nephew.

The oh so romantic Thanksgiving table

Luke, Josh, Peyton and I

Shirley, Camelia, and Patty

Look at that cutie!! Luke in an outfit from his cool aunt and uncle =)

Luke and great-Grandma

A typical night at the Tucker house….ok, not really but b/c Mr. Music man was blessed by our church with some money to get a new guitar, he was able to find one he loved and had a little extra to randomly buy a mandolin. Pretty exciting. So, we had a jam session and here are some pictures from around the room:

Donna sharing with us her mad mandolin skills

Josh on his new guitar and Dad on his new bass (why didn’t I get any musical instrument talent?)

Bekah and Luke

Bryan and Holly after Mom stole the mandolin from Bryan

Faith and Peyton dancing

We had Peyton open her Christmas gift early (since we won’t be there for Christmas) and she LOVED it. I have never seen a little girl so excited. It was really sweet.

Snow White and one of her dwarfs

J-Dawg and I at Faith and Bryan’s for coffee and games the night before we left

Bekah’s beautiful art.
Goodbye, Oregon, we will miss you…


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