Christmas #2

A few days ago, we went and got our 2nd Christmas tree. Last year, we went and cut it down ourselves at a tree farm in Oregon, this year, we drove down the street to Rite Aid, pointed at one (that was probably Oregon imported) paid 20 bucks to the guys at the register….(after being witnesses of a punk 16 year old trying to steal stuff….he got TAKEN out by the Rite Aid workers and I’m sure it was the highlight of THEIR YEAR) Anyway, it was a pretty eventful night. Oh, ya, and before that we went to the best pizza deal in Marin. 2 HUGE slices of cheese pizza and a soda for $3.50

Then we came home and put this cute little tree together. It might die soon….because it was shipped from Oregon 2 weeks ago and is pretty much dead. But it’s the romance of it all that matters. Here are some corny pictures of our tree:

What would a tree decorating party be without the Office? (thanks beks) Oh ya, and I made no-bake cookies

After the lights (I’m glad Josh and I both agree on white)

Done and lazy and ready to watch a movie. Fun night at the Howeth’s!


5 thoughts on “Christmas #2

  1. well, if you’re not gonna have colored lights at least you have colored balls… Nice star. We couldn’t find the perfect topper this year, and its far too important to get just anything, so we’re waiting till we “find the right one”. I might just come steal yours….

  2. target? really? we looked there but we weren’t sold on any, I guess they look better outside the boxes… can you give me your address? and maybe the walkers too if you have it? trying to get my christmas card list together 🙂

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