Coffee Highs

is what I call them. Do you know what I’m talking about? After having a warm cup of joe, you find yourself inspired and happy….does anyone else get that some days when they have coffee?

Well, my theory is that whatever you get inspired about during one of those coffee highs (and no mom, coffee is not a drug) is what your true passion in life is. Ok, I don’t really believe this. But I know that whenever I get a coffee high, I get inspired to do art….draw, paint, decorate, scrapbook, anything artistic. I asked Josh what he gets inspired about when this happens and he said reading a good book or reading the Bible and learning….pretty appropriate, right?

This is an interactive blog post….so, what does coffee inspire you to do?


8 thoughts on “Coffee Highs

  1. poop. Well, maybe it’s more of a biological inspiration rather than a spiritual or emotional inspiration. Like Josh, I think that a good cup of Joe goes along with a good book.

  2. josh is so good. i think my hands are shaking too badly to read.. i usually get inspired to get off my butt and get stuff done… laundry, cleaning, cooking.. it’s great!

  3. Coffee inspires me to be sick from both ends – we have decided I am allergic to something in the bean – but the culture of coffee inspires me to be a good friend and read – Oh Ps no I can’t talk about the true things of Christmas in my classroom but I can answer questions that they ask and they asked me if Christmas was God’s birthday and I told them yes

  4. I think the better question is what DOESN’T coffee inspire me to do? Or, at least enable me to do… teach kiddos, stay up late and do homework, attend events, read, bake, have good conversations, etc…Coffee is so much BETTER than a drug…

  5. I know Becks! Drugs just inspire people to do stupid things like eat poop, do more drugs, twitch, bite others, etc. Coffee is WAY BETTER!!!

  6. I’m not sure it inspires me to do anything but it sure gets me going in the morning! Thanks for bringing us some coffee at Christmas!! We are still enjoying the last of it.Love you guys,Mom (Debbie)

  7. i know this sounds weird, but it inspires me to tell people i love them… in some way or another. calling someone, making a card, emailing, blogging (like now 🙂 ) or sitting down with them over a cup.

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