Christmas in the ER

Last year on Christmas, I got sick. This year, it was Josh’s turn.

We arrived here in beautiful Denver, Colorado on Sunday evening. On Monday morning, the whole Howeth fam loaded into two cars to head out to lunch together. Josh drove Debbie, Christie and I and a few minutes into our journey, started stating that he felt dizzy. At one point he stopped at an intersection but was unaware that he was an entire car’s length out INTO the intersection. After some persuading and Josh agreeing, he decided to let someone else drive. As he turned into an empty parking lot, he nearly took out a pole.

Anyway, after listening to his symptoms and talking to an advice nurse, we decided to take him to the ER. He was disoriented, talking slowly, walking slowly, feeling dizzy, and got sick a couple times. The rest of the fam headed to family’s house, as planned, and Josh, Debbie, Dave and I headed to the ER.

I don’t feel like making this blog a book, so, long story short, the symptoms were not adding up to an identifiable illness for the Doctor to determine. So, from 2pm to 6pm, we sat in the ER room with Josh, talked, slept a little, watched the Polar Express and laughed about the warm liquid that looked a lot like apple juice that Josh provided for the nurse. We were still able to go to Josh’s aunt and uncle’s house that evening and it turned out to be a pretty good and memorable Christmas Eve. We’re just wondering which one of us will have to be sick next year.

So far we have had a great, blessed Christmas. Here are some pictures:

I got the second white Christmas of my life!! The first one being in Oregon in 1991. It snowed 6 1/2 inches here on Christmas day!!! Beautiful.

Dave holding up his great gift from the Henderson family.

Look at those eyes!

Christian looking really excited about the gift we got him =)

Sitting down for Christmas dinner. It was scrumptious.

Christian and Ashlee at the famous Casa Bonita where we went for dinner. We had a lot of fun!

Rande romancing Stephanie

Debbie, Christie, and Dave

After dinner we went to the zoo, where we were able to see their light show and some of their animals. It was FREEZING (literally) and I was ill prepared for it (i.e. see nose in picture) but we had lots of fun.

Mr. Giraffe man. After the zoo, we headed to Starbucks. Perfect ending to a cold winter night.


9 thoughts on “Christmas in the ER

  1. Wow. I think I’ve watched ER on Christmas Day before perhaps, but definitely never visited it. Is Josh ok? What ended up being the problem?

  2. he’s fine. we have no idea what it was (neither did the dr.) i think it could be a mixture between the change in altitude and some gas fumes he breathed in right before he started feeling bad.liz

  3. Great pictures. You’re so right about “those eyes” and I love Stephanie’s new do! I’m glad Josh is doing better. Keep us posted.Love you lots.Mom

  4. Oh my gosh… is Josh okay? That’s no good! I love your post! I MISS YOU GUYS!! We are about to head out to Napa Valley until the 2nd but I will bang your door down when I get back and we can drink some joe and catch up! HOpe you guys are doing well!!Shan

  5. Glad you guys had a good Christmas aside from Joshy poo in the ER. I hope is still doing good. The Howeths/Hendersons all look GREAT! Those kids are too adorable! Love you..happy New Year!

  6. We sure had a lot of fun with you guys. It was so great to see you, and spend our first Christmas with our new sister! Hope you guys are doing great and had a wonderful new year!

  7. You guys look mighty COOL at the zoo. It was really cold but so much fun. Especially the coffee afterwards!! Thanks again!Love,Mom (Debbie)

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