Free Friday Fun

Well, thanks to a couple Christmas gift cards, we went out on a GREAT date last night that only cost $3.00!!

First, we went to dinner here

Thanks Uncle Doug and Aunt Cindy!

And then we went and saw this

Thanks Tim and Paula Cahill!!

PS. If you want to see an amazing movie that will stress you out and provoke a lot of thought….go see I Am Legend. It was sooooo good. And if you don’t know the premise of the movie, don’t find out before you go. I had no idea what it was going to be about and I liked it that way.


4 thoughts on “Free Friday Fun

  1. Sounds like you had fun! Rande and I are going to see it before he leaves on a date:) Yippee!!I love the new layout; I thought for sure you would’ve picked “the office” with Steve.Hope you guys are doing well, we miss you!

  2. Liz you fit so perfectly in our family because of spending $3.00 eating out. If we can find the cheapest way out we try to get it. I am glade you and Josh got to spend some time together. Love you guys and miss you.Love,Christie

  3. we miss you both a ton. liz says thanks for sharing with her and i’m sure we’ll use the office template at some point. love, j-$

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