Settling it with Friends

Our friends Drew and Shannon introduced the game “Settlers of Catan” to us a few months ago. It’s a really dorky game, yet so fun and addicting. We love playing it. All the time. The other night 4 of us couples got together and had a boys’ table and a girls’ table. Josh represented for the Howeth family by winning the boy game and I represented for the Howeth family by winning the girl game. But who’s keeping track? We had lots of fun.

Shannon being silly with her mother of a camera

Tana, such a Texan belle

Stacy, who is maybe the sweetest girl in the world

Dah Boys…Josh, Josh, Drew, Steve

Last night a handful of us went to a bonfire at Ocean beach. I didn’t even take a picture of the FIRE but here’s Shannon and I.


7 thoughts on “Settling it with Friends

  1. I love that game too! Ian and I started playing it awhile ago and are addicted, we are always trying to convince people to come over and play.Also your new blog design is super cute! I always read it in RSS so I hadn’t seen it until now.

  2. fun! looks like you guys have such good friends:) and i LOVE your new background. Where does everyone find these cute templates????

  3. Fun to see people from OreGONE! Stacy IS the sweetest thing. I look forward to meeting your other friends too.Love and miss you.Mom

  4. thanks for getting a new template so i could go to that website and get one as well. i have looked at soooo many places for new templates and they have either been ugly/cheesy or impossible to change..this one was easy!

  5. It is so crazy to see such a great group of friends and I don’t know any of them. It is encouraging how the Lord provides for us!

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