Worst Wife of the Year Award

goes to me! Yesterday, on my day off, I made chocolate chip banana pancakes for Josh and I. I turned the oven to “warm” so that I could keep the finished pancakes warm while I made the rest. Tonight, roughly 32 hours later, as I went to preheat the oven for crescent rolls, well, lookie there, the oven was still on from yesterday morning.


10 thoughts on “Worst Wife of the Year Award

  1. Liz that does not make you the worst wife of the year award. You are a wonderful wife to my brother and a wonderful sister. Love you and miss you guys.Love,Christie

  2. Oops! 🙂 Just glad you’re both okay and that you got some good pancakes out of the deal. And you’re definitely a wonderful wife, Christie’s right. 🙂 Love you guys, Ses

  3. You are great, I left the oven on over night just last week! Oh, the milestones we are accomplishing together. At least we haven’t had to call the fire depo yet(Walkers) 😉 and my kitchen was nice and warm for making breakfast that morning!

  4. don’t worry, we’ve all done that a time or two, or three, or four..ya know what I mean. I’ve actually left with the house with a candle burning! Ouch! You do a wonderful job Liz!

  5. This is TOTALLY off the subject, but take a look at the pic of Josiah and Annika on Rebekah’s blog. Mom thinks Annika looks just like you. I think she’s right. Everyone always sees the resemblance between the sisters and the grandkids. I think it’s because people have known all of you for such a long time. That’s a GOOD thing.LoveMom

  6. mom, that’s funny, i think she looks so much like sarah did when she was a baby. in the one on bekah’s blog, i think she looks like a mix between beks and sarah! haha, but i can see the me resemblance too.liz

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