VDay in Pictures

This was Josh and my’s 4th Valentine’s Day together. For our first, we were on the shores of Laguna beach, on our second, after a big date to celebrate our one year, we stayed around good ole Riverside and went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Lucille’s. Last year, we had just moved to the Bay Area, so we spent the night exploring our new surroundings, and this year we decided to celebrate in the city.

Ahhh, he’s so good

Followed by this bouquet and a cute/funny poem at my desk at work when I got back from lunch

Before leaving

Thanks to a generous family at church, we treated ourselves to dinner. Except, we switched things up and didn’t go out to dinner but took it to go and brought it up to Twin Peaks. Um, this view is pretty much amazing. So, along with 30 other couples, we enjoyed the breath-taking view of such a beautiful city

Driving down Fillmore. Yeah, top this, Trever Hoehne.

Coffee and dessert at one of my favorite cafes, Crepevine. Thank you again, Lie family! We had a great-hilarious-different-than-any-other-date-we’ve-ever-been-on-night.


7 thoughts on “VDay in Pictures

  1. 4 years and the magic is still magic! Way to go! I had a romantic Mexican food date via skype! hahaGotta love those trans-Atlantic dates.

  2. Way to go Josh. Looks/sounds like a fun time. That dessert looks like a meal in itself. (I expect something like “birdseed” to come with this comment!)Love you both.Mom

  3. Josh you have always been so romantic and sweet. Liz you got the best guy in the world and I am proud to say that is my brother and that I am glade that he pick you. Love you bother and miss you guys.Love always,Christie

  4. is that Lucille’s bbq that you love so much?? There is a Lucille’s in Orange County that Sam took me to that he is in in LOVE with. Just found you through Cherianne’s blog- fun to catch up on your lives down there!

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