Out of the Darkness and into the Light

Josh and I got a new-to-us living room set last Monday. We had an uncomfortable hide-a-bed couch for our first year and half of marriage and we were extremely happy to get this new set that is large and amazingly comfortable. The only thing was, once we brought it home, the color was so similar to the paint on our walls, that it clashed. So, we decided to go yellow!! I loved the color of our old room…it was a dark gray/brown color, but it had to go. So, after a week of painting in between our busy schedules and re-arranging, we’re really happy with the new look!

Around the Room:


9 thoughts on “Out of the Darkness and into the Light

  1. This is so crazy but on Sat night I totally had a dream that I visited you and Josh in SF (weird since we haven’t seen each other in years). And, in the dream you had just remodeled and you had an underground hot tub, which I was super jealous of in the dream….Weird weird. I like the remodel of your apartment, but it seems lacking without the underground hot tub.

  2. Very cute! I love the new furniture..it’s so nice! It’s funny I have the table runner that matches the place mats you have:) Also, where did you get your black and white curtains again? I have been looking for black and white fun-patterned curtains for some time now, I am thinking of buying fabric because I can’t find anything. Your apartment looks great, wish we could see it in person this month:(

  3. so nice.. you guys look like adults! when did that happen? so nice, i may have to visit and see it in person!

  4. Love the new ambiance. It’s super warm and inviting. Love the color mix of yellow, black, and crimson. It’s super mod like Ikea and Pottery Barn all mixed together.

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