Picture Survey

I was blog stalking and fell upon a fun idea for a blog post from Laura Maddox. So, thanks for the idea, Laura!

Hope you enjoy. I added a couple of my own that I thought would be fun. It’s kind of a time-consuming blog post but you should do one too b/c they’re fun to look at!

Your age on your next birthday:

A place you would like to visit:

(New Zealand)

Your favorite place to be:

(That would be…Huntington Beach)

Your favorite food:

Your favorite animal:

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Your favorite color:

The town you where born in:

The town where you live now:

A famous person people say you look like:

The name of a past or present pet:

Your nickname:

Your first name:

Your middle name:

Your last name:

(I think only Josh’s family carry this name)

A bad habit you have:

Your first job:


8 thoughts on “Picture Survey

  1. so how do you do it? did i miss something? is there a website where it has all these pictures or did you go online to find them all? fun!ses

  2. I like your style. You do look like Jennifer Connely. Where you were born looks beautiful. Where is it? Ha. What about peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwiches? Mmmm. Such a cute blog.Stacy

  3. Ses- i went to flickr.com to get them all =) haha, that’s true. no, you didn’t miss anything. Stacy- that is true!! i should have searched for pbbh sandwiches! i don’t know if anyone is as weird as me. thanks for the carpet cleaner and note!

  4. some generous folks from church have been bringing us meals cuz of the new bambino and yesterday the meal was accompanied by no-bake cookies… I’ll always think of you when I have no-bake cookies, sweet memories 😉

  5. Haha sorry I’m a bad friend and just now saw this! I know… kinda time-consuming, but totally fun! 🙂 Glad you decided to do it too

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