!Santa Cruz!

Josh and I (mostly I) like to complain about our lives…being adults, having to work 40 hours a week, missing pieces of being in college….but over the last 3 weeks, we have had NO excuse to complain! First, family came to visit, then we went to Yosemite, and this weekend, I surprised Josh with a 2 hour drive down to Santa Cruz for his birthday.

Josh and I really love celebrating our birthdays. Neither of us are the type who go around a week before our birthdays and let everyone know that our big day is coming up, but we LOVE having a reason to go do something fun together. Josh had been to Santa Cruz once and loved it and I had never been, so, I thought it would be fun. And let me tell you, it is now my favorite place (by far) in Northern California.

It has the feel of a So Cal beach but it’s got Nor Cal flava. It’s also funky and weird, which kind of reminded me of Portland. I loved it. Tons of interesting people, artists, college students. It had a lot of energy. When I was walking to meet Josh at a shop, I passed an intellectual looking guy with a little table and an old school typewriter who asked, “Can I write you a poem while you’re waiting?” We watched a 30 year-old-hippy guy with long, wavy hair, wearing bright muscle pants, and no shirt with a chest that read, “Hugs are Free”. He was dancing to his friend’s live music and hugging any passerby who would give him one. Haha. It was awesome. We had a great time.

I mostly just took pictures of the oh so fun “inn” that we stayed at for one night. Pretty much. I’m a selfish wife and somehow found a way to plan a birthday for Josh that I think I enjoyed as much, if not more than him! =).

Looking in

Our porch area

The decor was so cute (and yes, those are robes on the end of the bed) love it!

Our view

None of the rooms have a TV (which we thought was so cool) but the innkeeper let us borrow this so we could watch a movie when we came back from exploring the city). We brewed our complimentary “organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee” and watched “Rendition” it was so much fun.

The place we stayed at is an inn of 8 rooms with a full-service restaurant downstairs. It was so nice!

The Inn from outside. Stay there. Davenport Roadhouse Inn.

On the wharf in Santa Cruz.


4 thoughts on “!Santa Cruz!

  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures. What a fun weekend. I’m glad you two enjoy the same things, and there’s nothing wrong with both of you having a good time on Josh’s b’day. That’s what it’s all about!Love youMom

  2. FUN!!! What a cute/fun inn! I’m really glad you both had such a good time in a new place. Love you guys

  3. wow that looks like loads of fun!!! 🙂 We just always go to surf and lay out. Which by the way this weekend is supposed to be 82!!! You might find me and my pregnant belly laying out on a near beach if you want to join me!

  4. It looks like Liz did another wonderful Birthday for you bud. I wish I could have been there. Love and miss you guys soo much.Love Always,Christie

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