Cute But Can’t Cook

Josh is the cutest boy in the world. I tell him this daily. Really. He makes my heart melt. Two nights ago, for I think the first time ever, I asked him if he’d help me by making something for dinner. It was cornbread. I was making Tortilla soup and my cornbread recipe is really fast and easy, so, I was thinking it would take him no time and it would really help me out.

So, he willingly agrees to help and he’s flyin around in the kitchen and asking where ingredients are and where the cornmeal is and then I look at what he’s doing and he already has the hard stick of butter, milk, unbeaten egg, flour, and sugar chillin all together in the bowl. It was hilarious. I was like, “What are you doing? Are you even reading the directions?” No, he wasn’t, he was just going down the line of all the ingredients and throwing them in the bowl (not, melting the butter by itself, then mixing with the eggs and milk, mixing the dry seperately, etc.) If only cooking/baking were that easy. Take all the ingredients, throw them in one bowl, and whalaa.

After his second attempt, the cornbread turned out perfect.
Anyone else have funny stories of attempts at cooking?


6 thoughts on “Cute But Can’t Cook

  1. i like the new look, liz. and great story. i like the new description of yourselves. you really are good at taking cuticle pictures. 🙂 :)ses

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